12 Free Courses For Freelancers

Here are some handy free courses for freelancers. Because continuous learning is a superpower.


We’re all familiar with that feeling of walking out of school or an exam hall for the final time. Textbooks are tossed aside and you’re elated by the knowledge that your education is done. But is our education ever really finished? We are constantly bombarded with new information every day, from light-hearted lists to in-depth articles. For instance, just last week I demonstrated to a friend that an oxo cube packet is actually designed to be a sachet, and it blew his mind. Imagine how boring life would be if we never learned anything new or expanded our horizons. New information should be a pleasure, and continuing to learn will also put you in great stead professionally. Luckily there are many free courses for freelancers available.

What is continuous learning?


Being open to new skills and knowledge is a trait shared by successful people. You think Steve Jobs left university and never opened another book again? The desire to learn more and innovate, to solve problems and design solutions is behind some of the worlds biggest entrepreneurs.

There aren’t many professions where you learn all the skills you need, and you’re set for life. From mechanics to programmers, we all benefit from new information. The world is moving at a fast pace, and we need to keep up.

For freelancers, our ability to upskill and stay current is vital. The more services you can offer that make your client’s life easier, the more work you will find coming your way. For example, if you are a writer, you need to learn how to do more than just write. Sure, your copy might be fantastic, but is it formatted in an engaging way? Do you know how to best present it for websites, using appropriate headings? Have you sourced appropriate images? Do you know how to make it SEO ready? Can you include a snappy synopsis for your clients social media channels to promote the post? Consider learning some basic HTML and you’re already a step ahead.

free courses for freelancers

How to find courses

The internet is bursting with information. This means that so many new skills are right at your fingertips. Here’s just a few to get you started.


Code Gym is an online Java programming course.

Code Academy offers courses on Python, SQL, HTML and more.


WP Beginner has loads of free videos and tutorials.

Udemy has a complete free WordPress course.

Digital Marketing

Hubspot offers a range of courses, with certification.

Quick Sprout covers topics such as link building, SEO and email marketing.


Spread the Joomla Love has easy, bite-sized tutorials.


Entrepreneur on Fire presents a whole YouTube course with 19 videos detailing how to start a podcast.


I’m a huge fan of Canva, and their free tutorials are great.

Hack Design goes into a huge amount of detail with their courses.


Open 2 Study covers how to write for the web.

Copy Blogger shows how to write compelling copy.

Also, do check out https://www.udemy.com/ for thousands of courses on all kinds of topics.

If you’re feeling like your freelance business is stuck in a rut, one of these free courses for freelancers might just give you the push you need.

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